Company overview

Environmental solutions for a growing world

Verterra is Australia's first full service Ecological Engineering Company. Ecological Engineering involves the design, construction and management of sustainable ecosystems that integrate society's needs with the natural environment for the benefit of both. "We engineer nature-based solutions, turning environmental risk into economic value".

Verterra has integrated capabilities in research, consulting and operational management, specialising in vegetation, land and water management for delivery of environmental services and production of bio-renewables from managed and natural vegetation. We service a wide range of industry sectors including oil and gas, mining, energy, power, water resources, forestry, agriculture and natural and renewable resources.

Verterra was founded in 1999 as (Tree Crop Technologies Pty Ltd) a specialist technical advisory consultancy focussing on technology, production systems and intellectual property in the forestry, agricultural and natural resource management sectors. The company was restructured in 2008, and has since grown rapidly to provide integrated research, consulting and operational management services. From 2014, we trade as Verterra to reflect our broader range of Ecological Engineering services and wider market across the Municipal, Natural and Renewable Resources and Resouces sectors. Our two main service areas include Research and Advisory (Consulting, Research and Advisory, Technology transfer) and Project Services (Project scoping, Project management and Revegetation). Our unique activity across the value chain from applied science to on-ground operations give us the capacity to bring a holistic, integrated, solutions-based approach to service delivery. 

Verterra specialises in technology transfer. We combine highly skilled and nationally certified environmental scientists with experienced land, crop, irrigation and vegetation management practitioners, to develop and implement innovative end-to-end solutions. 

Some of Verterra's main areas of consulting include: feasibility studies for beneficial use of waste water in irrigaged forest and crop development; beneficial use of biosolids; breeding and production of energy crops;  soil surveying and detailed land assessment; site-species matching, environmental monitoring; environmental services; environmental economics; carbon bio-sequestration; vegetation offsets; habitat management; environmental compliance and research.

Verterra’s main areas of operational delivery include establishment and management of intensive forest plantations (dryland and irrigated), for solid wood, bioenergy and carbon sequestration; establishment and management of inetensive and fooder and energy crops (dryland and irrigaged); habitat restoration and establishment of bio-diverse native forest; mine site, disturbed and degrated land rehabilitation; erosion and sediment control; gully rehabiltation; vegetation management; forest assessment and monitoring and beneficial use of biosolids.

Verterra also holds and uses a range of proprieteray intellectual property that provides efficiency in our service delivery.

VIP-SOIL: Soil nutrition optimisation and limitations amelioration tool.
VIP-REHAB: Degraded and dispersive land decision support tool and best management practices.
VIP-SPECIES: Soils-species matching.
VIP-BIOSOLIDS: Biosolids Contaminant, Stabilisation and Nutrient Estimation Tool.
VIP-TEC: Threshold electrolyte conductivity assessment.
VIP-WASTEWATER: Irrigaged benefical use of waste water.

Working in partnership with our clients, we combine practical management experience with scientific knowledge of agricultural, silvicultural and ecological systems to design customised solutions, and ensure reliable delivery of outcomes suited to our clients’ specific site conditions, expectations, operating constraints and compliance requirements.

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