Advancing landform rehabilitation outcomes across Anglo American’s Australian Coal Mine sites
Thursday, 01 October 2015

Anglo American has appointed to Verterra to advance landform rehabilitation outcomes across its Australian coal mining sites.

Improving the sustainability and cost effectiveness of urban water supplies
Wednesday, 23 September 2015

With Australia's population projected to increase by between 62% and 113% by 2061, and climate extremes being experienced countrywide, it has never been more important than now to re-evaluate approaches to cost effective and sustainable urban water supply management.

Effective monitoring of riparian rehabilitation
Wednesday, 23 September 2015

 Millions of dollars are invested annually in activities to improve the condition of aquatic ecosystems throughout Australia. However, often there is a lack of evidence to prioritise and guide the design of these interventions and/or demonstrate the impact or effectiveness of these investments. 

Leading Soil Scientist strengthens Verterra’s capabilities
Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Dr. Evan Thomas, who wrote the article on improving the sustainability and cost effectiveness of urban water supplies brings over 30 years' experience in land and natural resource management to Verterra.

Best management practices of dispersive mine spoil
Monday, 01 June 2015

Sustainable closure of coal mines in Australia remains one of the industry's biggest environmental challenges.