Verterra hosts NASA scientist

Verterra hosts NASA scientist

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Verterra hosted NASA Lead Scientist, Jonathan Trent, and local algae expert, Simon Tannock, over two days in May to discuss the potential for introduction of Upcycle Systems to Australia.

Upcycle Systems embodies the outcome of a $10million NASA research project “Sustainable energy for spaceship Earth”, funded by two of the founders of Google, to develop intensive, smart, sustainable approaches to food and energy production.  An explanation of the approach is presented in Jonathan’s TED talk:  

Jonathan Trent - Energy from floating algae pods

The urgency for development of new approaches to food production, driving the Upcycle Systems approach, was highlighted by the findings of the Obama administration’s Office of Science and Policy on the critical issues facing humanity’s capacity for sustainable agricultural production as the global population climbs to 9 million by 2050.

Upcycle Systems aims to pool expertise and investment from Australian providers to implement its 21st century integrated approach in Australia, with the aim of commercially replicating the model globally.