Breeding resource review and germplasm acquisition

Breeding resource review and germplasm acquisition


  • Client: Confidential Client
  • Scope:

    Verterra undertook a review of breeding resources and selection of germplasm for evaluation and development of short-rotation, high energy yield woody species suitable for large-scale biomass production including;

    • Comprehensive review of breeding resources, seed orchards, species and provenance trials and hybrid trials;
    • Summary of trials in relation to the breeding objective short rotation energy production;
    • Recommendations on germplasm to purchase/licence;
    • Acquisition of agreed germplasm for client trials.
  • Challenge:

    Eucalypts present a broad range of traits with a wide variety of utilisation, adaptation and growth performance characteristics. Moreover, genetic improvement for potentially commercially useful production and growth traits is traits is variable and generally limited. Faced with this background, the client’s challenge was to identify germplasm sources to establish an breeding and selection trials as the basis for ongoing genetic improvement.

  • Solution:

    Through a systematic review of species characteristics and trial performance data, Verterra was able to objectively identify a cohort of species with potential to meet the client’s product requirements in their target production environments, and identify and acquire a diversity of germplasm sources suitable for establishment of base breeding populations.

  • Benefit to Client:

    The project gave the client access to Verterra's unique expertise and knowledge in genetic improvement of Australian species, and provided the client with a sound base on which to build by reviewing and accessing the existing best available germplasm on with to base all subsequent trials and germplasm improvement work.

  • Market Sector: Renewable resources - agriculture, grazing and forestry
  • Capabilities:
    • Tree and crop improvement
  • Location: International
  • Year: 2012