Irrigation system design review

Irrigation system design review


  • Client: Queensland Commodity Exports
  • Scope:

    Review of assumptions underpinning choice of the most appropriate irrigation system to provide flexibility between permeate and amended CSG water including:

    • Required attributes required of the irrigation system in the context of target soil types and available plant water holding capacity
    • Technical review of the suitability of alternative irrigation systems (drip, sprinkler, flood, pivot etc.)
    • Irrigation system architecture design to sustainably manage deep drainage to groundwater
    • Hydraulic design/control attributes for the most appropriate system architecture
  • Benefit to Client:

    This project contributed to Front End Engineering Design (FEED) process supporting development of a large scale irrigated forestry and agriculture project for management of coal seam gas water.

  • Market Sector: Oil and Gas
  • Capabilities:
    • Irrigated forest & fodder crops for beneficial use of waste water
    • Soil surveying and land capability assessment
    • Irrigation design
  • Location: Queensland
  • Year: 2010