Risk analysis of Phytophtora affected mallee seedlings

Risk analysis of Phytophtora affected mallee seedlings


  • Client: Elementree Ltd
  • Scope:

    Risk analysis and management options for establishment of tree plantations for carbon sequestration following the discovery of a species of Phytophtora previously unknown to science in nursery seedling stock.

  • Benefit to Client:

    Verterra collated research and engaged a wide range of stakeholders including leading scientists, conservation estate managers, nursery and plantation forest industry players in a collaboration to determine a risk profile of nursery seedling stock with potential exposure to the unnamed and uncharacterised Phytophthora species. Documentation of the most up-to-date scientific evidence and preparation of strategy recommendations culminating in a high-level meeting with the DEC Director Nature Conservation allowed commercial decisions for capital expenditure on land investment and the client’s operational establishment program to be implemented with no additional risk to the state. A program for insisting on improved hygiene was also implemented for future years.

  • Market Sector: Renewable resources - agriculture, grazing and forestry
  • Capabilities:
    • Forest and fodder crops
    • Risk management and planning
    • General land, water and vegetation technical services
  • Location: Western Australia
  • Year: 2012