Waddy Brae Beneficial Use Plan Review

Waddy Brae Beneficial Use Plan Review


  • Scope:

    Update to Beneficial Use Plan in line with modified regulatory requirements, principally involving:

      increased soil sampling intensity
    • supplementary profile analysis for threshold electrolyte conductivity
    • review crop-type options
    • review irrigation system architecture
    • review options to increase early water use
  • Benefit to Client:

    The project provided the client with a renewed report compliant with modified regulatory requirements, and considering a widened array of management options to align with revised priorities for land use.

  • Market Sector: Oil and Gas
  • Capabilities:
    • Irrigated forest & fodder crops for beneficial use of waste water
    • Soil surveying and land capability assessment
    • Project approval, permitting and regulatory services
  • Location: Queensland
  • Year: 2010 - 2011