Natural resource management and environmental economics

Decision making in natural resource management requires a combination of informed resource assessment, the capacity for objective evaluation among project options, and an ability for strategic thinking in conceptualisation and design of projects that can deliver both economic and environmental benefits.  This is particularly important for public investment to achieve appropriate allocation of finite resources for maximum overall benefit to society, but applies equally to private investment to achieve optimal economic and environmental outcomes.

Our buyline "Environmental services for a growing world" embodies our belief that the environment and development are not mutually exclusive, but rather, harnessing the power of economics provides the opportunity for commercially efficient, socially acceptable and financially self-sustaining approaches to achieving environmental outcomes at significant scale.  Our capabilities in this area include:

  • Strategic evaluation of natural resource management options
  • Project design for commercial returns with environmental co-benefits
  • Project comparison and resource allocation for maximum returns from finite resources
  • Benefit Cost ratio analysis for commercial projects with environmental co-benefits
  • INFFER (investment framework for Environmental Resources) analysis
  • Natural resource management planning

Verterra has completed a feasibility study for alternative use options for coal seam gas water - Healthy HeadWaters Coal Seam Gas Feasibility Study.