Land restoration and mine site rehabilitation

Ecological restoration

Ecological Engineering - Nature-based Solutions

Ecological engineering promotes a framework approach to re-establishment (strategic re-establishment of scaffold species that provide the means for natural recruitment).

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Conventional Engineering

Conventional engineering promotes instant ecology or forceful design – Revegetation with all pre-existing species with consequent high rates of attrition as species fail to survive in a highly altered environment.

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Mine site rehabilitation

Ecological Engineering

Reconstruction of a functional ecosystem by facilitating appropriate soil physical, chemical, biological, hydrologic and micro-climate to provide conditions suitable for revegetation.
The approach recognises that rehabilitation to a variety (portfolio) of land uses incorporating a mix of productive and conservation land uses (pasture, agro-forestry, forestry native vegetation) provides incentive for ongoing management where the land has potential to produce an income.                                      
Mine Site Rehabilitation - Verterra Capability.  Vegetation Services in Mining.

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Conventional Engineering

Tendency to rehabilitate a highly engineered, rolling landform with a high level of soil compaction to single post-mining land use (often native vegetation) that has lower conservation value than natural remnant forest, and limited incentive for ongoing management.

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