Forest and fodder crops

Timber and agricultural products are critical renewable resources to our very survival.  Verterra staff have over 200 years accumulated forest and agricultural management experience.  Verterra’s highly experienced land, crop and irrigation management practitioners provide an unparalleled level of capability in holistic land management for renewable forest, fodder and food resources.

Verterra staff have pioneered development of forest species for salt and drought tolerance, agronomic practices for tropical fodder crops and grazing systems, and forest management practices for both dryland and irrigated conditions.

We have highly developed management systems including work instructions, quality management systems, workplace health and safety policies, environmental policies, and agreements database.

The combination of our experience and management systems enable us to provide either a turnkey crop and plantation management service, or individual service elements including:

  • Design and project planning
  • Economic evaluation
  • Project management
  • Mapping and GIS
  • Soil and site assessment
  • Management planning
  • Monitoring planning
  • Land purchase and leasing
  • Joint venture negotiation
  • Site-species matching 
  • Site clearing
  • Significant tree relocation
  • Site preparation
  • Crop establishment
  • Crop management and harvesting
  • Effluent and by-product water irrigation
  • Monitoring
  • Training
  • Fire and risk management
  • Community and stakeholder engagement