Verterra has a strong interest in the potential for renewable bio-energy where production will not lead to displacement of food crops or have other negative social or environmental impacts.  

Under an integrated system, bioenergy crops have the potential to complement and enhance agricultural production by providing windbreaks, shelter, salinity control and groundwater management.  Biofuels also have the potential to assist commercial production from degraded, rehabilitated or marginal lands by providing additional market opportunities for forest and other woody residues.

We have undertaken work on development of species and management systems for both biofuel and biomass feedstock production for direct combustion, co-firing, wood pellets, pyrolysis and biomass to liquid biofuel conversion.  Specific areas of expertise include:

  • Species for production of biodiesel
  • Genetic improvement of biofuel species 
  • Plantation management systems for biofuel species
  • Plantation management systems for biomass production
  • Biomass resource surveys

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