Irrigated forest and fodder crops for beneficial use of waste water

Verterra is a leader in the in beneficial use of by-product and waste waters from coal seam gas, mining, municipal effluent and industrial processes. We can provide an end-to-end service in beneficial use of waste water including:

  • Soil surveying, mapping and land capability evaluation
  • Salt and leaching fraction modelling
  • Crop growth modelling
  • Plant water use modelling
  • Soil-plant-water interaction modelling
  • Water balance modelling
  • Irrigated crop design, build and maintain
  • Irrigated plantation design, build and maintain
  • Water chemistry evaluation and modelling
  • Water treatment options and specification
  • Irrigation modelling
  • Irrigation architecture analysis
  • Irrigation system hydraulic design and specification
  • Property management planning, design and specification

Download our capability statement:

pdf-icon2  Waste water management