Environment and Natural Resources

Env and NRVerterra provides a range of services to the Environment and Natural Resources sector including:

  • Soil analysis, mapping and land capability assessment
  • Property management planning
  • Vegetation survey and monitoring
  • Surface and groundwater monitoring
  • Fauna survey and monitoring

Our technical expertise combined with our capability in industrial forestry and agriculture management allow us to bring a higher level of capability with attendant economies in the areas of:

  • Degraded land rehabilitation
  • Vegetation offset plantings
  • Wildlife corridor and habitat plantings
  • Watershed protection and management
  • Vegetation management and monitoring planning

Our areas of operation require a high level of legislative and regulatory understanding, enabling us to provide advice in the following areas:

  • Protected vegetation and habitat
  • Opportunities for Environmental Services from land management activities
  • Environmental risk management and value creation from environmental services
  • Compliance with State and Federal (EPBC) protected vegetation legislation
  • Vegetation and habitat offsets