Industry, Infrastructure & Transport

Indy Inf and TransportIndustry is increasingly required to meet exacting environmental standards, seeking to raise environmental performance, or identify more efficient approaches to manage waste or other production and process issues.

The concept of Green Infrastructure, where natural systems are used to perform functions typically dealt with through engineering approaches, is particularly relevant to industry.

Applications of green infrastructure include:

  • Use of vegetation systems to treat processing waste water, municipal effluent, by-product water, and contaminated stormwater and runoff
  • Shade and shelter to modify microclimate for agriculture, grazing and the built environment
  • Sequestration of legacy carbon dioxide emissions from the atmosphere
  • Management of watershed quality
  • Management of air quality (e.g. dust suppression by tree belts)
  • Management of visual and sound amenity by vegetation screens
  • Use of vegetation as a biological pump to lower elevated groundwater and manage salinity for protection of agricultural land, biodiversity values, aquatic ecosystems, and protection of infrastructure including road, railways and buildings
  • Provision of wildlife habitat and environmental corridors
  • Rehabilitation of degraded land, minesites, and tailings dams