Oil and Gas

Oil and GasAt Verterra, we understand the nature and demands of the oil and gas sector.

Verterra is a pioneer and leader in the development of beneficial use options via irrigation of fodder and forestry crops for associated water from Coal Seam Gas production. Our capability in this area to provide a complete end-to-end service, ether on a contract, EPCM or build-own-operate basis, from feasibility study, through full project design and regulatory approval, to project implementation, operation, monitoring and reporting, remains unique.

In addition to our capacity to provide a full package associated water management service to the oil and gas sector, we can also provide a wide range of individual service components that benefit and support the spectrum of industry players from explorers to the majors including:

  • Soil surveying, mapping and land capability evaluation.
  • Salt and leaching fraction modelling.
  • Crop growth modelling.
  • Plant water use modelling.
  • Soil-plant-water interaction modelling.
  • Water balance modelling.
  • Irrigated crop design, build and maintain.
  • Irrigated plantation design, build and maintain.
  • Water chemistry evaluation and modelling.
  • Water treatment options and specification.
  • Hydrogeological studies and modelling.
  • Irrigation modelling.
  • Irrigation architecture analysis.
  • Irrigation system hydraulic design and specification.
  • Property management planning, design and specification.

In addition to associated water management services, we can also provide a range of other general land and environmental management services that to allow you to focus on your core-business, including:

  • Government policy and environmental legislation analysis.
  • Environmental planning and regulatory approvals.
  • Environmental monitoring and compliance.
  • Vegetation and biodiversity offsets.
  • Environmental works project scoping, planning and project management.
  • Environmental risk analysis.
  • Integrated property management planning.
  • Landholder liaison and engagement.
  • Fire management planning.
  • Weed management planning and weed control.
  • Land and vegetation based carbon management and offsets.
  • Vegetation surveys.
  • GIS and spatial services.
  • Environmental monitoring database management.

Download our case study in relation to beneficial use of CSG water:

pdf-icon2 Irrigated forest and fodder plantations for CSG water management.