Visual screening, acoustic attenuation and dust suppression

Ecological Engineering

Windbreaks provide shelter for stock, pasture and crops by lowering windspeed for approximately 30 times the tree height. Increases in productivity can be up to 20% over farming systems without windbreaks (Cleugh, 2003) through reduced desiccation of inter-belt pastures and shelter for stock from heat and cold stress. Alley farming (alternating bands of tree belts and cropping or pastures), combined with rotational grazing can significantly improve overall enterprise productivity and resilience, especially under extreme climatic conditions of cold or drought.Attenuation of noise and visual screening using living walls of vegetation.

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Conventional Engineering

Attenuation of noise and visual screening using constructed visual/acoustic barriers

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Road degradation in saline/waterlogged areas

Ecological Engineering

Establishment of roadside plantings to lower watertables and reduce rate of pavement deterioration. Additional benefits include carbon sequestration, wildlife corridors.

photo 37 stirzaker et al
Stirzaker, R.J., Cook, F.J. and Knight, J.H. (1999).

Conventional Engineering

Accelerated maintenance program may be required where road pavements are exposed to elevated saline watertables.

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