Renewable resources - agriculture, grazing and forestry

RenRes AGFFrom our origins in forestry and agriculture, we continue to provide leading edge technical consulting and land, property and estate management services to our clients in these sectors that are key to the supply of renewable food, fodder and fibre resources.

We differentiate ourselves from our competitors in this sector through our highly developed systems based approach to quality, safety environment and risk management, combined with a high level of technical expertise and practical experience.

We have a wide range of particular technical expertise:

  • Tree Improvement: Tree breeding, quantitative genetics, clonal propagation and biotechnology.
  • Site-species matching: Species adaptation provenance and variety selection, climate and soil suitability.
  • Land capability assessment: Soil profile characterisation, soil type mapping, EM mapping, land capability mapping, soil chemical and physical analysis, erosion assessment, regolith evaluation.
  • Irrigation: Irrigation system design.
  • Waste-water irrigation: Plant water-use modelling, water chemistry analysis and modelling, soil-plant-water interaction modelling, irrigation modelling.
  • Silviculture: Plantation establishment, weed control, pest and disease management, stocking and thinning, pruning.
  • Grazing systems: Pasture species selection, system design, pasture monitoring, training and resource needs.
  • Nutrition: Foliar sampling and analysis, nutrient deficiency identification, corrective nutrient management.
  • Carbon accounting: Field inventory, FullCAM and carbon modelling, allometrics, uncertainty analysis.
  • Project audit and due diligence: Project review.
  • Growth and yield modelling: growth model development.
  • Project financial analysis: Discounted cash-flow analysis.
  • Forest inventory: Sampling design, plot sampling, data analysis, statistical analysis.
  • GIS: Mapping, spatial analysis.
  • Environmental Monitoring: Monitoring system and program design, field sampling, data analysis, database management.
  • Hydrogeology: Geological and stratigraphic analysis, conceptual modelling, sampling design, groundwater monitoring, coring, slug testing.
  • Property management planning: Land capability, property planning, mapping, enterprise optimisation, financial modelling.

We have forestry management expertise across a broad range of native and plantation forest production forest types including sub-tropical hardwoods, E. globulus, P. radiata, P. pinaster, Sandalwood and Mallees, as well as land acquisition, leasing stakeholder liaison, and fire management, harvesting and project financial evaluation.

We have agricultural management expertise in soil science, property broad acre cropping, intensive and extensive grazing systems, crop and pasture nutritional requirements, irrigated forage systems including Lucerne used for hay and grazing purposes, salinity management, and Leucaena production and management.

Through our multidisciplinary expertise in forestry, agriculture and natural resource management, we are a specialist in the area of integrated land management. We understand the need to utilise land for it highest and best value, deliver synergies between land-uses, maximise environmental benefits, improve production, maximise environmental and financial resilience and deliver sound economic returns to landowners.