Sustainability is at the core of Verterra’s business. We believe that through an understanding of project drivers and objectives, awareness of specific technical requirements and project delivery issues, along with our experience with integrating the key elements of risk management and sustainability into projects, we are uniquely placed to deliver robust, on-time and within-budget sustainable outcomes. 

Verterra approaches sustainability by supporting activities that will contribute to economic, environmental and social well-being, rather than contributing to one at the expense of the others.  In support of this, our systems are geared around embedding sustainability into the way we do business.

Our approach of identifying opportunities for environmental services to supplant industrial processes or more efficiently deliver natural resource outcomes is inherently based on achieving cost outcomes and efficiency gains.  

In addition to our advice to others, we implemented internal initiatives to improve overall sustainability of the business to prevent and manage environmental impacts.  These include:

  • An annual audit of its GHG emissions, consistent with NGERS reporting requirements, will aim to achieve a declining intensity per employee over time.  This report is made available to Verterra’s clients.
  • Location of an inner city office to encourage use of public transport.
  • Printing in duplex where possible, recycling toner cartridges, boxes and paper, and switching off power sources when not in use.
  • Regular reports to its Board of Directors, and annually to its small shareholder group.
  • Operation of a Rectification Action Plan (RAP) that identifies safety and environment issues that are tabled at weekly operations group meetings.  The RAP plan identifies issues for corrective action and procedural improvement.
  • Tool box meetings with staff where risks, issues and new initiatives are discussed and actioned.
  • Chemical risk assessment, innovative application equipment, inventory control and use tracking.

Download our Capability Statement:

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