Carbon bio-sequestration

While government policies ebb and flow, the world is inexorability moving toward a carbon constrained economy.  Beyond regulation, commercial risk management, consumer sentiment and purchaser specifications will demand reductions in carbon emissions.  While renewables, energy efficiency and demand management will contribute to emissions reductions, offsets from bio-sequestration in forests and bio-diverse plantings are expected to play a key role for the foreseeable future.  Additionally, bio-sequestration provides one of the few options to reduce legacy emissions already in the atmosphere.

Verterra is able to provide the following services in relation to carbon plantation growers and emitters:

  • Evaluation of land for compliance with Kyoto protocol and other regulatory requirements
  • Management systems for integrated production of timber, carbon, agriculture and biodiversity outcomes
  • Establishment and management of carbon sink plantings
  • Carbon accounting practices compliant with accredited carbon trading schemes
  • Forest inventory for carbon stock estimation
  • FullCAM modelling
  • Due diligence of bio-sequestration yield estimates

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 Carbon bio-sequestration

To learn how to calculate the carbon stored by a single tree, and carbon stored by a forest, download our Carbon Calculation brochure.