Environmental surveys, benchmarking and biodiversity assessment

Regulatory compliance and sustainability management demand accurate and repeatable monitoring systems.  Verterra ecology and forestry staff have capability in: 

  • Vegetation and biodiversity surveys
  • Soil, surface water, and groundwater water sample collection
  • Flora and fauna benchmark and monitoring surveys
  • Automated monitoring system design, installation and operation
  • Monitoring data analysis and reporting
  • Environmental monitoring database management

We have extensive experience and demonstrated ability in vegetation and biodiversity surveys, including assessment of vegetation and other biodiversity values in both natural and modified environments. Our staff also have extensive experience in plant identification; vegetation community classification; understanding of biodiversity issues relevant to land management decisions; liaison with rural landowners and managers; and provision of practical advice on management of biodiversity. Our staff are familiar with, and have the ability to recognise potential cultural heritage values associated with vegetation, this being a common thread and requirement though all of our projects.  

In addition to their technical knowledge, our staff have a detailed knowledge of State and Commonwealth legislation and policies relating to threatened species and communities and other issues that have the potential to be relevant to land management (e.g. presence of declared weed species).