Tree and crop improvement

Verterra has substantial expertise in genetic improvement of tree species for enhanced production, processing and silvicultural traits, as well as tolerance to environmental stress, particularly salinity and drought tolerance.  We have developed systems for design, establishment, management and analysis of commercially focussed genetic trials aimed at rapid selection capture and deployment of improved germplasm.  Key areas of technical expertise include:

  • Pure species and hybrid tree breeding
  • Trial design and analysis (especially imbalanced trial analysis)
  • Conventional and marker assisted selection
  • Clonal propagation
  • Forest and plant biotechnology
  • Germplasm acquisition
  • Species adaptation and provenance variation

We have developed and implemented approaches, designs and analytical techniques (such as factor analytic analysis) to minimise time and maximise understanding of genotype x environment interaction by use of trials that test new germplasm as soon as it is available, rather than waiting to achieve balanced trial designs.

Our tree improvement capacity is supported by a substantial body of knowledge and experience on species characteristics, species adaptation, species ecological and climatic requirements, site-species matching, provenance variation and improved germplasm sources.

In addition to technical capability, we have developed organisational approaches to implementing large, geographically dispersed multiparty trials that maximise information yield on genotype x environment interaction, minimise time to commercialisation, and protect the security of intellectual property in improved germplasm.