MiningVerterra brings a unique set of capabilities and experience to the mining sector to deliver innovative solutions that can reduce cost, create value and produce significant economic, social and environmental benefits.

Our substantial experience working closely with resource companies means we know how the industry operates, and how we can best add value and ensure compliance, leaving you to focus on with your core business.

We provide services across a wide range of areas associated with mine site operation and closure including:


  • Novel strategies for efficient native species revegetation
  • Revegetation management planning
  • Carbon offset benefits
  • Commercial mine site rehabilitation
  • Tailings dam rehabilitation
  • Mine closure planning

Water management

  • Treatment and beneficial use of by-product water for forest, fodder and food crops
  • Mine water balance management
  • Camp effluent management

Enabling technologies, capabilities and services

  • Compliance and control monitoring system design, implementation
  • Soil assessment, functional analysis, land capability assessment
  • Vegetation and fauna surveys

Land management

  • Property management planning
  • Irrigation planning
  • Livestock management planning
  • Fire and weed management
  • Integrated property management
  • Staff training


  • Strategic approaches to meeting vegetation offset requirements
  • Remnant vegetation and habitat management

Greenhouse gas

  • Carbon bio-sequestration
  • Carbon liability management

Landholder and community engagement

  • Strategies to leverage mine management and compliance requirements for wider community and environmental benefit

Download our capability statements:

pdf-icon2 Mining Environmental Services

pdf-icon2 Vegetation services in Mining