Power and Energy

Power and EnergyVerterra provides a diverse range of environmental, land and vegetation management services to the power and energy sector including:

  • Biodiversity, vegetation, koala and environmental offsets
  • Vegetation surveys
  • Ecological equivalence assessment
  • Biosecurity management
  • Weed identification and management planning
  • Soil surveying and land capability assessment and erosion management
  • Surface and groundwater modelling, monitoring and assessment
  • Meeting sustainability objectives
  • GIS and spatial data management
  • Fire management planning
  • Government policy and environmental legislation analysis
  • Environmental planning and regulatory approvals
  • Environmental monitoring and compliance

In addition, we are well placed to provide greenhouse gas management services from vegetation management including:

  • Evaluation of options for managing greenhouse gas liabilities through bioenergy and carbon sequestration
  • Bioenergy resource options and evaluation
  • Due diligence of bio-sequestration yield estimates
  • Economic evaluation of carbon bio-sequestration options
  • Evaluation of land for compliance with Kyoto protocol and other regulatory requirements
  • Management systems for integrated production of timber, carbon, agriculture and biodiversity
  • Establishment and management of carbon sink plantings
  • Carbon accounting practices compliant with accredited carbon trading schemes
  • Forest inventory for carbon stock estimation
  • FullCAM modelling