Carbon, climate change and renewable energy

Carbon abatement

Ecological Engineering

Forest establishment (bio-sequestration) via bio-diverse (mixed species) plantings or harvested plantations and solid wood products. Only available technology to remove legacy carbon from the atmosphere. Also provides abatement via lower embodied energy building materials, and via combustion of wood waste for bioenergy generation.

photo 09 washpool 08.07.14a

Conventional Engineering

Carbon capture and storage (geo-sequestration). All engineering approaches can only achieve abatement (avoidance/reduction of new emissions). None can remove legacy carbon from the atmosphere.

photo 10-geosequestration

Renewable energy

Ecological Engineering

Biomass energy (only renewable technology other than hydro power currently capable of providing base-load power generation).

photo 11  bioenergy

Conventional Engineering

Solar, wind, wave energy (intermittent power sources in the absence of energy storage capacity). Hydro power (limited opportunity for new developments).

photo 12 albany wind-farm