Monitoring and database management

Natural systems respond over time and seasons to management intervention.  Efficient monitoring is critical to both sustainable management and to meet environmental compliance.  Verterra has considerable experience in the design of control and compliance monitoring programs that combine direct and automated sampling techniques.

We have efficient systems and procedures for direct field sampling, data management, analysis and reporting for:

  • Vegetation and bio-condition monitoring
  • Surface water, groundwater and irrigation supply water monitoring
  • Soil physical and chemical monitoring
  • Soil permeability monitoring
  • Soil solute monitoring
  • Tree growth monitoring for timber and carbon production
  • Pasture biomass monitoring
  • Crop nutrition and health monitoring

We have also designed and implemented automated monitoring and sampling systems with real-time web-interface for:

  • Irrigation supply water quality and volume
  • Climate data
  • Soil moisture and salinity
  • Groundwater depth and quality
  • Deep drainage
  • Surface water quality and flow

Real-time, telemetric monitoring systems generate enormous volumes of data, requiring development of standardising reporting systems, methodologies and databases.  We can provide database solutions to store, process and present all manual, laboratory and automatic data sources in a spatial and graphical web-based interface.  This provides an efficient platform for managing regulatory compliance, routine management, adaptive management and fundamental research.