Wyaralong Dam Offset Implementation

Wyaralong Dam Offset Implementation


  • Client: Seqwater
  • Scope:

    The Project will implement the Wyaralong Vegetation Management, Monitoring and Reporting Plan (prepared by Verterra) including:

    • Maintenance and management of 215 ha of Environmental Corridor plantings
    • Maintenance and management of 180 ha of Vegetation offset plantings
    • Monitoring of 88 biocondition assessment plots on a routine schedule
    • Weed management of 1422 ha of regrowth forest to ensure development to remnant status
    • Weed management of 2753 ha of remnant forest
  • Challenge:

    Weed management: Cost effective mantenance of native forest revegetation works and weed management over large areas presents a significant challenge given heterogeneity of the landscape.

    Monitoring: The published approach to bio-condition monitoring requires long, narrow transects that have inadequately sample planted seedling regeneration.

  • Solution:

    Weed management: By combining an understanding of weed growth and reproductive cycles, plant competition interactions and spacial data management, Verterra was able to develop a targeted weed control program that maximises efficiency of effort and minimises maintenance cost.

    Monitoring: Linear transects were replaced with circular plots to improve representation of planted seedlings in a given area of sample plot. The modified approach of Eyre et al., 2010 was accepted by the regulator.

  • Benefit to Client:

    The project provided a cost effective approach to ensure compliance with development conditions by ensuring revegetated and regrowth areas meet progress to remnant status.

  • Market Sector: Water and Wastewater
  • Capabilities:
    • Native Forest Management
    • Biosecurity matters
    • Monitoring and database management
  • Location: Queensland
  • Year: 2012 - 2016