Drone seeding trial a success!

Thursday, 03 June 2021

In November 2020, Verterra conducted its first ever operational trial using a DJI Matrice 600 drone and custom-made seeding box. The trial was conducted over one of Verterra’s gully remediation projects near Collinsville in North Queensland.

Drone Seeding 1 M

The custom-made, 3D printed seeding Box was designed and manufactured in-house by Verterra's mechatronic engineer.

 Drone Seeding 2 M

The trial was a success, with the drone delivering its payload of saltbush seed and other salt-tolerant species over a large area of eroded gullies. The seeding box delivered a constant rate of seed/fertiliser, with a spread radius of several metres.

Verterra is now confident that we have a solution for seeding and fertilising hard to access locations in an innovative and safe way. Further testing is planned to assess operational suitability, scalability and cost effectiveness.

Drone Seeding 3 M