Our capacity to offer an end-to-end service to our clients is supported by our strategic alliances. With key players in the irrigation, water infrastructure, project financing and mining technical services markets, our alliances allow Verterra to offer our services across the full project spectrum of design, construction, ownership, operation and maintenance functions. Providing the option of a full service offering frees up our clients to focus on their core business. According to our your requirements, we have the capacity to provide individual service components on a simple consultancy or contract basis, under an engineer, procure, construct and manage (EPCM) arrangement, or as a full build-own-operate service.

The Pump House

The Pump House (TPH) is a privately owned company specializing in the provision of water management products and services to a range of sectors in Queensland. Established in 1986, the company has grown to include over 90 full time staff covering a range of disciplines including the design, construction, operation and servicing of pumping, irrigation and water storage systems. TPH has successfully completed over 3,000 projects for private, corporate and government clients covering a range of technical complexities from basic domestic irrigation systems to multi-million dollar water treatment and irrigation systems for major international oil and gas producers. TPH has the largest privately owned irrigation installation team in Queensland and specialises in turn-key delivery of large irrigation projects from its project bases in Chinchilla and Nambour. TPH has unequalled resources, with the industry accreditations, experience and track record to deliver sophisticated solutions to a wide range of irrigation and water management challenges.

TPH expands Verterra’s capacity to offer irrigation design services, an end-to-end service crop and irrigation system implementation service, or simply as a side-by-side contractor with a proven track record, particularly in the resources sector.

Corporate Carbon Advisory

Corporate Carbon is in the business of creating new pathways to profit through innovative carbon management. As an independent advisory firm, Corporate Carbon has specific expertise related to the creation of Australian Carbon Credit Units (‘ACCUs’) from greenhouse gas abatement projects under the Carbon Credits (Carbon Farming Initiative) Act 2011. To date, Corporate Carbon has submitted 15 carbon offsets methodologies that were accepted as ‘valid applications’ by the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency.

Corporate Carbon was also the first private company in Australia to author a methodology proposal under the CFI, prepare all of the accompanying paper work related to the Methodology Determination and have ACCUs issued by the Clean Energy Regulator. Corporate Carbon Advisory is licenced as an Australian Financial Service provider (AFS Licence: 430199) to provide carbon related financial advice and to deal in ACCUs.

Corporate Carbon Advisory significantly expands Verterra’s capabilities in the carbon farming in respect to regulatory issues and methodologies by providing a one-stop-shop for all carbon related issues.

Suez Water Australia

Suez, (formerly Degrèmont) is a leading global water treatment specialist and a key player in sustainable water development, with 80,000 employees across five continents.  As a subsidiary of Suez, with over 40 years of local experience in Water Management Solutions and 2,600 employees and contractors across Australia and New Zealand; Suez Water Australia works with local authorities and industry participants to design, build, operate and maintain facilities and assets for drinking water production, desalination, waste water treatment, biosolids processing, and industrial applications with a particular focus on water cycle management for the Australian mining sector. 

Verterra complements Suez's world-leading technology and expertise in waste water and biosolids treatment, particularly in the municipal and resources sectors, by providing the capacity for beneficial use of effluent, biosolids and waste waters on land applications.